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Accredited Investors Leads List

High Quality Accredited Investor Leads

We specialize in directly obtaining Accredited Investor leads from other investment companies that are similar to the investment companies of our clients. Many of these other investment companies area actually in the exact same industry as many of our customers. We find that these specific leads often work even better than any other type of lead!

Accredited Investors Leads List

Over 20 Years Of Experience

We have built both our reputation and company by selling our customers leads that come from experienced investment companies. We have taken things a step further, by ensuring that we don't oversell our leads. Because once a lead is oversold, you wind up annoying investors with too many calls about investments and losing the deal for everyone involved.

Accredited Investors Leads List

Our Leads Are Not Oversold

Because our leads are not oversold, you will experience greater receptiveness and liquidity, which leads to higher closing ratios. Overall, you will experience more "bang for your buck". Our Leads are proven to be highly cost effective. All of this translates into less time dialing prospects and more time closing deals. The proof is in the numbers.

Experience the Accredited Investors Leads List difference for yourself!

Over 20 years of providing high quality Accredited Investor leads.

Stock Market Investors

We have lists of stock market investors. These Accredited Investors have the necessary liquidity, net worth and income. The majority of these investors are active stock market investors. These Accredited Investors have previously invest over the phone and are open to investing in the stock market.

The Difference.
High Quality Accredited Investor Leads

The Accredited Investors Leads List owner, Bill Shafer has had many of the same clients for 20 years+. These clients not only buy leads from Bill, but they sell him their prospects and clients as well. We can provide high quality Accredited Investor leads that have either invested in projects like yours before or that have expressed a strong interest in investing in such projects.

Highly Targeted Leads

The "freshest" Accredited Investor leads possible.

Leads. Prospects. Customers.

High quality Accredited Investor leads.

IPO Investor Leads

Accredited Investor leads that are targeted.

Investor Survey Leads

Accredited Investor Leads that are receptive.

Accredited Investors Leads List

"Bill, I just wanted to say thanks you for the steady flow of leads you have been providing us. Please keep up the good work, and we will continue to grow with you. Thanks again."

Teresa J. / Manager

Accredited Investors Leads List

"That last batch of leads were the best thing we have bought from you in 5 years! I will take as many of those Oil & Gas prospects, from that same file as you can get your hands on. Call me with a deal on everything :)"

Jack S. / Business Owner

Accredited Investors Leads List

"Thanks bud, for sending me those leads before I had a chance to get back from vacation to pay you. I do appreciate that more than you know."

Roger C. / Business Owner

Accredited Investors Leads List

"Bill, I really liked the survey leads I got from you. Good stuff! I can pull together a bigger order than usual, if you can do something on the price. Let me know."

Mark R. / Business Owner

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Over 20+ Years Of Providing High Quality Accredited Investor Leads

We have literally built our company and our reputation on selling our customers Accredited Investor leads that produce results! We have done this by not overselling our leads.

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